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School Uniform

Te Horo School Uniform Prices
(prices include GST  -  prices are subject to change)

How to Order Your School Uniform

If you would like to purchase the school or sports uniform, please:

1.    Complete a School Uniform Order Form online

2.   Make payment online or by cash/cheque at the School

      Te Horo Home and School 12-3157-0123969-00  

      Please put your child's name and class number for a reference (Very important)

3.   Once payment is confirmed the uniforms will be available for collection at the       School Office

4.    No Uniforms will be sent home until complete payments are made.

     •    Polo Top    - embroidered
                       Size 4-8yr                $31.00
                       Size 10-14yr            $33.00

             Polo small and medium      $36.00

     •    Skort  (a cross between shorts and a skirt)
                      Size 4-8yr                $38.00
                      Size 10-12yr            $40.00

     •    Cargo Short
                       Size 4-8yr                $29.50
                       Size 10-12yr             $31.50

     •    Fleece Top - embroidered
                        Size 4-8yr                $48.00
                        Size 10-14yr             $47.50

     •    Cargo Pants
                        Size 4-8yr                $38.50
                        Size 10-12yr             $43.00

      •    Track Pants
                         Size 4-14yr              $34.00
      •    Sports Jacket - embroidered
                          Size 6-14yr              $55.00                 
                          Adult sizes              $62.00

       •    Back Pack (Black/Red)       $25.00 


Sizes 6-14                 $43.00 


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