Te Horo School - Actions Speak Louder than Words - Ma Te Mahi Kihai Te Korero


AP Vacancy

This document provides an overview of the expectations of the Assistant Principal.  It is an attachment to, and extension of, the job description as guided by the Professional Standards and Code of Ethics.


  • Strive to achieve and promote our agreed Face of Leadership 

  • Model and promote the school’s vision and values

  • Support in the implementation of the annual plan across the school

  • Lead and contribute to school review as required, particularly in relation to the NZC and student achievement

  • Challenge teachers to try out new and innovative teaching strategies

  • Ensure co-teaching that supports student directed learning is taking place in Learning Hubs

  • Provide Team(s) with guidance and research related to their needs

  • Be enthusiastic and positive about future possibilities at school

  • Involvement in coaching, teacher appraisal and observations of team members as appropriate

  • Be an effective role model to other staff members and students

  • Assist in the day to day management of the school

  • Support all staff and help them recognise and achieve their potential

  • Model and lead reflective practice

  • Lead community consultation as required

  • Deputise for the Principal in the absence of the Deputy Principal, within the realms of delegation by the BOT

  • Assist Team Leader(s) in the development of their People/Plans/Programmes and ways of working


  • Establish a culture of respect, support and trust within the team, where open and honest conversations can be had about teaching and learning

  • Delegate appropriate tasks to staff, monitor their work and provide appropriate support

  • Monitor workloads by ensuring teachers receive information in plenty of time and receive advance notice/reminders of requirements, as well as guidance (e.g. interviews, reports)

  • Support the staff to meet deadlines and identify any issues that may arise

  • Understand the people in the school (the staff, the students, the families) and show empathy towards them 

  • Develop co-operative relationships with staff across the school

  • Provide sound behaviour management advice to the staff, as well as support for teachers/follow up as required

Communication & Meetings

  • Attend and participate effectively in all Leadership Team meetings and communicate information to the staff as required

  • Prepare a balanced agenda for and conduct staff meetings when required in accordance with the school calendar.  Such meetings will need to cover:

  • Professional learning and reflection on teacher practice

  • Student achievement/monitoring student progress

  • Ensuring consistency of curriculum delivery and assessments

  • Team expectations – sharing planning, behaviour techniques, etc.

  • Administration (however this should be kept to a minimum and should be done via other avenues where possible, e.g. email)

  • Be prepared to have “challenging conversations” when required

  • Be professional in fielding concerns from staff and parents, informing the Principal and Deputy Principal as appropriate.

Management of Resources

  • Develop co-operative planning where possible, both within and across Teams

  • Seek assistance from the Principal and Deputy Principal when required

  • Ensure effective management of budget responsibilities


  • Ensure minutes are recorded by a staff member and emailed to appropriate staff

  • Update the school calendar with any dates and changes to programmes

Specific Key Tasks 

  • Provide collegial support for Leadership Team 

  • Providing support for teachers to develop inquiry into their own practice

  • Pastoral care/behaviour support for students (there may be times teaching gets put on hold for this if urgent and no one else is available)

  • Proofread reports and newsletters