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Board of Trustees

Welcome to the Board of Trustees section of the Te Horo School Website

The Vision

The Te Horo School Board of Trustees is a collection of like minded individuals who sought election to the BoT because they believed they could make a positive difference to the students and wider community of the School. Our ultimate goal is to make our school one of the leading primary learning institutions on the Kapiti Coast. For many years the school has consistently produced students who are confident, intelligent and lifelong learners and yet, Te Horo School remains one of the Kapiti Coast’s best kept secrets. 

 The Role of the Board

The board is entrusted to work on behalf of all stakeholders and is accountable for the school's performance. It delivers strong leadership and strategic planning, setting the vision for the school and ensuring that it complies with legal and policy requirements. Policies are at a governance level and outline clear delegations to the Principal. Procedures are at an operational level and detail specific requirements for operating the school. Together the board and principal form the leadership team with the role of each documented and understood. The Principal reports to the board as a whole. The board is proactive rather than reactive in its operations and decision making and does not involve itself in the administrative details of the day to day running of the school. Enhancing student achievement is our focus.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to the public and any interested party may attend.  
The provisions of Part 7 of the Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act 1987 apply.  
The Board chair presides at the meeting and his/her decision on procedural matters is final.  

Board Minutes

Minutes of all Board meetings are recorded and are available to the public and any interested party; copies are held at school and are available on request. Copies are also available on the links below.


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