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This is the area where we can show off all the really cool things we do at our school. You are welcome to browse through and if you see any picture you would like a copy of, please email the office.

2019 Athletics day

Thumbnail: 2019 Athletics day
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Despite the weather not playing ball for us, the day went ahead and the children made the most of the day. There was a lot of effort put into the activities by the children and some of them pushed themselves past their personal best. Well done to all who participated. Many thanks to the whanau who came along to cheer the children on and special thanks to Mr Bond and staff who made the day happen.

2018 Sixtus Lodge Adventure

Thumbnail: 2018 Sixtus Lodge Adventure
69 Images

The year sixes had a great time exploring in and around the amazing environment of Sixtus Lodge. They also had a chance to try out the slides at the Lido aquatic centre in PalmerstonNorth. A great adventure thank you to all the wonderful parent helpers and to the children who had a wonderful time.

2018 Paddy's Mart

Thumbnail: 2018 Paddy's Mart
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A beautiful greeted the stall holders and there was a sense of excitement in the air as people busied themselves setting up for the day. At 11am the gates opened the people flowed into the grounds like a raging torrent, a wonderful sight to see. They were very generous and spent up large! At the end of the day the school had raised approx $28k!! Thank you to the amazing community for all your support.

2018 School Athletics day

Thumbnail: 2018 School Athletics day
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What a day full of fun, excitement and challenges. The children were grea and supportive of each other, cheering for each other and celebrating success together. There was wonderful support from parents and they acquitted themselves well in the race against the children. A fantastic day all round, well done everyone.

2018 T1 Robotics

Thumbnail: 2018 T1 Robotics
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At our school we have amazing opportunities to learn and grow, one of them is robotics. During the week the children build robots carry out challenges using a controller and then programming them to carry out tasks according to the programme set.

2018 Middle Team Technology challenges

Thumbnail: 2018 Middle Team Technology challenges
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Room's 5, 6, 7 & 8 have been meeting Thursday afternoons to work on some technology challenges that involve collaboration, teamwork, communication and innovative thinking. The children are set challenges that require them to think, create, refine and problem solve. Lots of fun is also an important component.

AG night 2017

Thumbnail: AG night 2017
235 Images

Fantastic weather allowed for a wonderful afternoon of showing animals off and the children did just that. The animals were well presented and lovingly groomed. A very successful event supported by many. Well done and congratulations to all the contestants.

Police Dog visit

Thumbnail: Police Dog visit
32 Images

We had four special visitors come to our school on Wednesday 2nd Aug. They were police dogs, one was currently recovering from a muscle injury and three in training or about to begin training. They were fantastic and as you can see quite friendly and great with the children, who thought this was fantastic. Thank you to the handlers for taking the time to show the dogs to us and how they are trained.

Taiko Drummers

Thumbnail: Taiko Drummers
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The school was treated to a wonderful powerful display of Taiko drumming, featuring our own Michaela Edwards. The drumming was superb and reverberated right through you. The discipline and unison was a spectacle to watch and the intense concentration was obvious on each of the performers faces. A fantastic show thank you.

2017 Cross Country

Thumbnail: 2017 Cross Country
130 Images

A beautiful day to hold our annual cross country event. So good to see so many parents and whanau turn out to watch the children give their best. The children rose to the occasion and ran with heart and determination. Well done to all who took part, it was a great day.

50 Years of Service

Thumbnail: 50 Years of Service
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Marj, Our thanks and appreciation go out to you for the 50 years of service and support you have dedicated to our school, you are truly an amazing person. The whole school and community congratulate you for reaching such a milestone and still working hard as ever!! THANK YOU.

2016 Prime Minister visit

Thumbnail: 2016 Prime Minister visit
26 Images

The 23rd March was a very special day in the life of Te Horo school, the Prime Minister the Rt Hon Mr John Key and our local M.P the Hon Mr Nathan Guy visited our school. The whole school met in our new utility space to greet our guests, with our school Prime Minister and Deputy, Quinn Straker and Natalie Dowie running the proceedings. Mr Key spoke for a short time and then there was opportunity for questions from the children. At the conclusion the school sang a waiata and performed our school haka, which was powerful and moving. A fabulous event in which the children were outstanding.

2016 Rm6 Catapults

Thumbnail: 2016 Rm6 Catapults
35 Images

Rm6 carried out an experiment using catapults made from marshmallows. We wanted to see which went further Smarties or mini marshmallows - lots of fun!

Sixtus Lodge Yr6 2015

Thumbnail: Sixtus Lodge Yr6 2015
215 Images

We had a fab time at Sixtus Lodge great people and cool things to do. The glow worms were amazing and the walk up limestone creek was prehistoric.

Einstein Challenge Sept 2015

Thumbnail: Einstein Challenge Sept 2015
2 Images

Children from year 5 and 6 entered into a math challenge with other Otaki schools which was run by Otaki College. At the end of the challenge Te Horo emerged as victors! Great effort.

Epro8 Technology Challenge Sept 2015

Thumbnail: Epro8 Technology Challenge Sept 2015
12 Images

Years 5,6,7&8 students were given the opportunity to compete in a technology challenge. The challenge consisted of teams of four working through various challenges to earn points. The year 5/6 team won their heat and will now go on to the semifinals at Papakowhai. The experience was amazing the children said and they really enjoyed the all aspects of the day.
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Technology challenge

Thumbnail: Technology challenge
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Year 5,6,7&8 students were putting their skills to the test as part of a technology challenge to be selected for a team to compete in a Kapiti challenge in September. There were two challenges, 1. create a swing using only newspaper, string and cellotape. 2. To create a vehicle that is powered by a balloon. The children had a great time with these challenges and worked so well as teams.

Room 6 Home Learning 2015 Term 1

Thumbnail: Room 6 Home Learning 2015 Term 1
23 Images

In Room 6 we carry out mini home learning projects based on a letter of the alphabet. The first letter drawn this term was 'h'. Here are some photos of the children's work.

Orientation camp 2015

Thumbnail: Orientation camp 2015
12 Images

110 children and 30 adults enjoyed a great orientation camp at the Otaki Forks

Walk up Blackburne Hill

Thumbnail: Walk up Blackburne Hill
47 Images

In preparation for our orientation camp we walked up Blackburne hill. The view was spectacular. Everyone coped very well with climb up and the quick walk down!

Room 6 Pasta making

Thumbnail: Room 6 Pasta making
16 Images

We had a great day making pasta from scratch. We used an egg and a cup of flour, rolled it out in a pasta machine then made fetticcine. We cooked it, added tomato puree sauce, cheese and parsley - and ate - delicious.

Ag Night 2014

Thumbnail: Ag Night 2014
216 Images

We enjoyed another successful ag night the weather behaved as did the animals. Thanks to all the participants for your hard work in getting your animals ready for the big day.

Room 6 Geometry art

Thumbnail: Room 6 Geometry art
20 Images

We have been looking at perspective and enlarging in maths, here are some photos of our efforts. We think they look great.

Army Raids Te Horo

Thumbnail: Army Raids Te Horo
18 Images

We were lucky enough to have two APC vehicles visit the school. The children had so much fun climbing all over the vehicles and getting to hold the weapons the soldiers had. Thanks NZ Army.

Fairytale Day 2014

Thumbnail: Fairytale Day 2014
39 Images

At the end of our fairytale unit we had a great day dressing up as our favourite characters.

2014 Orientation Camp Otaki Forks

Thumbnail: 2014 Orientation Camp Otaki Forks
222 Images

Years 5 to 8 started the year with a three day camp in the Otaki forks area. The weather was superb which allowed for lots of swims in the river. The campers were great and enjoyed everything there was to do.

Kite Festival

Thumbnail: Kite Festival
12 Images

Otaki Festival of the Wind-March 2013

Year 7/8 Technology

Thumbnail: Year 7/8 Technology
9 Images

In our hard technology we made small bed side tables. Our focus was to measure accurately and pay attention to detail. We think we have done a great job.

Rugby world cup visit

Thumbnail: Rugby world cup visit
2 Images

On the 14th March thirteen children from school went to Otaki College to see the Webb Ellis cup.

Otaki Forks Camp 2012

Thumbnail: Otaki Forks Camp 2012
110 Images

Rooms 6, 7 and 8 went up to the Otaki forks for a three day camp. We did some amazing and challenging activities. These photos are of our day two trip, where we crossed the Otaki river and them swam in the less than warm water. Very invigorating!!

Room 8 Forest lake Camp 2011

Thumbnail: Room 8 Forest lake Camp 2011
210 Images

Photos of Room 8 awesome camp at Forest Lakes. Amazing time Children were fantastic and the parent help were great. Thank you for a super time.

Snow at School

Thumbnail: Snow at School
18 Images

When snow fell today children ran from their classrooms and instantly started a snowball fight. It wasn't long before staff and parents joined in the fun!

New Zealand Theme Day

Thumbnail: New Zealand Theme Day
29 Images

The whole school was involved in activities with a kiwi theme as a conclusion to our topic work around globalisation.

Hockey 2011 Yr 5 & 6

Thumbnail: Hockey 2011 Yr 5 & 6
15 Images

Some of the action from our Year 5 & 6's game with Koputaroa School. Resulting in a 5 - 3 win to us. 20 June 2011

Netball 2011

Thumbnail: Netball 2011
7 Images

see great action shots from the netball games this season.

Cross Country 2011

Thumbnail: Cross Country 2011
17 Images

Some of the groups and winners from our great cross country event. Big ups to everyone who gave their best - well done. More photos to follow soon

ANZAC Service

Thumbnail: ANZAC Service
18 Images

The annual ANZAC commemoration was held in perfect conditions and went extremely well. Many thanks to all who attended to make it a very special day.

School swimming sports 2011

Thumbnail: School swimming sports 2011
37 Images

The annual school swimming sports were held at Haruatai pool. The winner of the most improved swimmer cup was Jessie Gundesen and the overall club winner was Pukenamu - The parents just edged out the staff to win the parent/staff/children relay - well done everyone it was a great day

Country Fair (Paddy's Mart) 2010

Thumbnail: Country Fair (Paddy's Mart) 2010
49 Images

A collection of photos form our wonderful fair held on 11th September 2010.

Ski Champs

Thumbnail: Ski Champs
8 Images

A group of children from Te Horo School were involved in the North Island ski champs held at Whakapapa.

Indian Day

Thumbnail: Indian Day
50 Images

Yesterday we had a very exciting Indian theme day at school. The children were
split into 8 groups and rotated throughout the school experiencing a range of Indian themes; henna art work, Bollywood dancing, cooking a chapati and
designing a sari out of newspaper (this replaced the planned cricket and hockey when the rain arrived). As an extra
we even arranged for our very own Te Horo ‘monsoon’ which pelted the school throughout the day!
It was great to expose the students to a range of activities which catered to all learning styles, ages and abilities.
Many of the children and staff were dressed in their finest Indian clothes and thoroughly enjoyed the day. We began
by assembling in the school hall and were read a story by the Waikanae Children’s Librarian, Michelle who also
showed the children how to put on a sari. It was a brilliant blue and involved a lot of wrapping, twisting and draping to ensure the 9 meters of cloth fitted correctly!
Thank you to the many parent helpers who assisted with the groups (this was a great help) and to the teachers.

Indian Introduction

Thumbnail: Indian Introduction
45 Images

With the upcoming Commonwealth games being held in India, we thought it would be fitting for the whole school to learn about this amazing country. To 'capture' the children's interest the staff wore traditional dress, decorated the hall and served the children rice, dahl and naan bread. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Junior Disco

Thumbnail: Junior Disco
85 Images

Room 1, 2 and 3 had their disco on Wednesday 9th June. The theme was futuristic. A great time was had by everyone, Great costumes, dancing and games. Thank you to the parent organising team.

Our New Turf

Thumbnail: Our New Turf
40 Images

Thanks to First Sovereign for giving us a grant for our new astro turf. We think the turf is a wonderful asset for the school. It took only two days to lay and has 10 ton of sand on it!! Thanks to the team for getting the turf down so quickly.

Mastermind Victory

Thumbnail: Mastermind Victory
10 Images

Te Horo children are successful once again at the annual Mastermind event. The team won the junior section.

Room 3 awesome scarecrows

Thumbnail: Room 3 awesome scarecrows
44 Images

Room 3 have been looking 'sc' words in our language time. As a result we made these amazing scarecrows. How clever are we?

Cross country 2010

Thumbnail: Cross country 2010
153 Images

A fantastic day wonderful weather, parent and friend support and amazing children who run so well. Congratulations to you all, you are all champions. Many thanks to the Home and School for having drinks and food available.

Room 1 & 3 zoo trip

Thumbnail: Room 1 & 3 zoo trip
75 Images

As an end of year trip Room 1 and 3 went to the Wellington Zoo for an overnight visit. Everyone had a wonderful time and the children were amazing. A big thank you to the zoo staff who treated us to such a great time. Also thank you to all the parents who supported the trip, you were awesome.

Room 3 zoo enclosures

Thumbnail: Room 3 zoo enclosures
31 Images

Before we went on our zoo trip, we designed and built our own zoo enclosures. We had to make sure that the animals were happy and safe and that people could also see them.

Show Case Finals

Thumbnail: Show Case Finals
37 Images

A great array of acts were on display during the show case finals.

Flower day 2009

Thumbnail: Flower day 2009
48 Images

A wonderful display of creativity and colour adorned the whole school on Wednesday 11th Nov as the children set about creating stunning floral displays.

Working Bee 09

Thumbnail: Working Bee 09
23 Images

A very successful working bee. Thank you to all the people who gave their time, machinery, food and enthusiasm to get so much done.

Minibeast Show

Thumbnail: Minibeast Show
45 Images

Johnny brought a collection of minibeasts for us to learn about

Author Visit

Thumbnail: Author Visit
13 Images

We were lucky enough to have a visit from author Kiri Lightfoot.

Room 3

Thumbnail: Room 3
5 Images

We were making insect biscuits

Room one

Thumbnail: Room one
6 Images

Room one doing the letter P and so therefore making popcorn

Room 8

Thumbnail: Room 8
5 Images

The wonderful mural Room 8 made to celebrate their 3 fun days under canvas in the Otaki Forks

Teddy Bear's Picnic 2015

Thumbnail: Teddy Bear's Picnic 2015
45 Images

The junior syndicate held a fantastic Teddy Bear's Picnic on Thursday 26th February.